The Nordic flora is a unique basis for creating products for children. The cool climate extends life processes and extends the ripening of herbs and flowers towards greater complexity and strength. This is, along with the light of the long summer days, the clean air and the clear water, unique when the distinctive active ingredients of Nordic plants are formed.


Organic evening primrose with its linoleic acid has a moisturizing and softening effect on the skin. Evening primrose (oenothera biennis) has been used for centuries in both medicine and cooking because of its beneficial effects.

Organic Calendula Flower is rich in saponins that are antibacterial and soothing. The calendula flower (calendula officinalis) has long been known for its abilities to alleviate itching, dry skin, and small scratches.

Organic rosehips seeds are rich in vitamin C that helps in keeping the skin moisturized. Rosehips seeds (rose canina) also contain galactolipids that are antibacterial and attenuate redness and eczema genes.

Organic borage (borago officinalis) has a protective effect and are rich in gamma mineral acid, which reduces the risk of occurrence of new cradle cap and restores moisture in the skin.

Organic chamomile (chamomilla recutita) contains apigenin, which among other things calms the delicate scalp and acts anti-inflammatory.

Havtorn plukke Vild Nordisk Natur