Vild Nordisk Natur was founded in 2016 in Copenhagen, but already in 2014 – when we became parents for the first time – the initial thoughts started to take shape. We were and are very concerned about the harmful chemicals, the added colorants, the products containing fragrance and hormones. We are particularly concerned about the possible connection between these factors and a long range of allergies, health problems and cases of endocrine disturbance – in the short and later in life. And why, when it can be avoided?

With a foundation in local Nordic active ingredients, local research, development, and production, the shortest possible ingredients lists and organics, we and our talented team started to solve the major challenges for parents: dry baby and child skin, red noses, dry lips, and baby cradle cap. That is how we think products for babies and children should be made.

In 2017 Vild launched its first range of organic specialty products for babies and children.

Vild is sold through children’s and organic specialist stores, midwives and since 2018 through the first pharmacies.